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Supporting healthcare professionals to deliver the best patient care

About Pavilion Health Today

Our mission: Supporting healthcare professionals to deliver the best patient care

Pavilion Health Today is the home of Geriatric Medicine Journal and the British Journal of Family Medicine. It is a website for healthcare professionals and focuses on the comprehensive healthcare of people of all ages. It offers a unique bridge between primary and secondary care management.

Pavilion Health Today provides secondary care doctors, GPs, and allied healthcare professionals with the latest news, clinical articles and best practice across a range of medical fields including geriatrics, paediatrics, women’s health, mental health, neurology and cardiology. Our highly experienced editorial staff also report on current events and key meetings.

Pavilion Health Today covers a range of topics relevant to clinical practice, including:

  • Diagnosis and disease management
  • Clinical advances and therapeutics
  • Referral protocol
  • Developmental therapies
  • Non-drug interventions
  • Multidisciplinary best practice
  • Guidelines and technology appraisals

Pavilion Health Today is of interest to all members of the multidisciplinary team involved in healthcare making it an ideal vehicle for continuing professional development (CPD).

We welcome submissions from all healthcare practitioners on any area concerned with health care delivery.

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General enquiries

Pavilion Publishing and Media Ltd
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Editorial Enquiries

Alison Bloomer
Managing Editor

Office: +44 (0)1273 434943
Email: [email protected]

Lauren Nicolle
Senior Reporter

Email: [email protected]

Advertising opportunities

Jason Brown
Commercial Manager

Office: +44 (0)1273 434943

Email: [email protected]

About our publisher

Pavilion Health Today is the combination of British Journal of Family Medicine, which supports healthcare workers in family medicine, and its sister website Geriatric Medicine Journal, which supports healthcare professionals in 50+ medicine. Both these websites are published by Pavilion Publishing and Media Ltd.

Pavilion believes that everyone has the right to fulfil their potential; to provide the best service they can in their sector. To do that, our products and services aim to raise standards, promote best practice and support continuing professional development throughout all the sectors in which we operate.

Pavilion Publishing and Media Ltd is part of OLM Group. Investing in people and innovation for over 25 years, OLM Group builds businesses that transform. The Group’s expertise combines technology, content, and search and discovery.

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