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Geriatric Medicine (GM) Journal

Geriatric Medicine Journal welcomes papers about the clinical, social, political, and medicolegal issues affecting older people, or any other appropriate topical subject. General comments should be around 750 words, and other articles should be around 2500 words. Longer articles may be accepted but may be published in two parts.

British Journal of Family Medicine (BJFM)

The British Journal of Family Medicine invites submissions of articles and papers dealing with conditions seen and managed in primary care. We particularly welcome contributions relevant to common conditions found in younger parents under 50 years and children of pre-school and school age.

Women’s and Men’s Health Today

We are on the look out for any interesting clinical overviews of health conditions that affect women or men. We also welcome interesting case studies and opinion articles on issues related to gender-based medicine.


For more details go to our Call for Papers page.

Please contact GM Editor Alison Bloomer with your ideas.

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