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My Continual Professional Development (MyCPD)

Take control of your continuing professional development with MyCPD from Pavilion Health Today

MyCPD Laptop


MyCPD gives you one place to log all your continuing professional development activity – both on the Pavilion Health Today website and elsewhere. You can record the type of activity, the time spent, and your own reflections on what you’ve learnt. You can then export your CPD log with one click, whenever you need to.

MyCPD  is:

  • A convenient way to record your CPD
  • Easy-to-use online, and available to export
  • Free to healthcare professionals with a Pavilion Health Today account

Getting started with MyCPD is easy

To get started with MyCPD, log in to Pavilion Health Today (or sign up for free if you haven’t already).

To log an article you’ve read on the Pavilion Health Today website, click ‘Save to MyCPD log’ on the article page.

Alternatively, to record an article read elsewhere, an event you have attended, or other CPD work, you can create a record with all the relevant details.

Start logging your CPD today

Create a Pavilion Health Today website user account for instant access to MyCPD. Registration is free for healthcare professionals and takes less than a minute.

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