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Book review: KNV’s Manual of Clinical Neurology

Dr Harry Brown reviews KNV’s Manual of Clinical Neurology, which is useful for medical students and postgraduates wanting to brush up on their neurology knowledge.

KNV’s Manual of Clinical Neurology

K Neelakantan Viswanathan

Published by JP Medical Publishers

Published November 2022

ISBN 978-93-5465-931-7

Price £58

This is a lovely book that covers general neurology in a concise, educational and supportive manner. It is a slim, single volume paperback that extends to just over 300 pages, yet there is a surprising amount of knowledge within this book. The quality of language and the high degree of explanation is exceptional.

This is a first edition from an author who is based in India and it is written in “American English”. I think this is a really good offering which deserves to attract a global audience. Medical students and postgraduates wanting to brush up on their neurology will find this book to be a welcome assistant.

There are an excellent array of diagrams, tables and flow charts liberally scattered throughout the book and the text is short and straight to the point. Clinical signs are well covered, and I love the many appearances of mnemonics. For example, on Page 150 under the causes of Chorea, there is a list with the letters of Choreas providing the first letter of the list. Similarly on Page 190 under the clinical features of Arnold-Chiari is the mnemonic, Arnold-Chiari.

The author clearly knows his subject and the clinical description of Parkinsonism on Page 156 is excellent and good for both undergraduates as well as postgraduates. The mnemonic is PARKINSONISM for the clinical features. On Page 161 there is an excellent figure summarising drug treatment for this condition.

Having a single author text has many advantages and in this case, we are given an insight into this author’s substantial breadth and understanding of neurological knowledge. It is fresh and seems up-to-date and represents good value for money. Ideally, I would love to see this book’s excellence enhanced by having an eBook bundled with the purchase price. Hopefully this will appear in future editions.

Dr Harry Brown is a retired GP, Leeds and Medical Editor of Pavilion Health Today


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