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Older skin: how does it affect your management decisions?

April 15, 2024
Leila Asfour
Our patients' skin biology undergoes several changes with advanced age, including thinning of the epidermis, reduced cell turnover, and vascular flow, which leads to more fragile skin vulnerable to trauma and poor wound healing. Age should not deter from offering gold-standard treatments.

More than just skin deep: considerations when managing ageing skin

April 15, 2024
Dr Naomi Ruth Jones
Skin changes abound in the older generations and an understanding of the underlying pathophysiology will assist with decisions in management. As life expectancy increases so will the number of ageing patients presenting to skin clinics.

Menopause: dispelling the myths surrounding Hormone Replacement Therapy

April 15, 2024
Dr Louise Newson
This article looks at the top ten myths surrounding hormone replacement therapy (HRT) and management of the menopause.

Results from the BJFM menopause survey

April 15, 2024
Rob Mair
In September's issue of BJFM we ran, in partnership with our colleagues at Besins Healthcare (UK) Ltd., a survey to understand where health professionals may have gaps in knowledge when it comes to treating the menopause. The results are in, and the findings are available in this article.

Why is there a shortage of HRT?

April 15, 2024
Kathy Oxtoby
Shortages of HRT are having a devastating impact on women pre and post menopausal reliant on this therapy, which is being heightened by the coronavirus (Covid 19) outbreak.  

Therapy for the effects of menopause 

April 15, 2024
Alison Bloomer
The British Medical Journal recently held a webinar looking at therapy for the effects of menopause that assessed the benefits and risks of HRT.

Cancer referrals and primary care

April 15, 2024
A GM conference report on a presentation given by Dr Ken O'Neill, GP, Glasgow, at Ageing and Healthcare Today. It reviews management of cancer referrals in the primary care setting.

Management of pruritic non-cancerous vulval dermatoses

April 15, 2024
David Nunns
Vulval dermatoses can be distressing for patients, with negative associations with sexually transmitted infections, cancer and cultural taboo all leading to a delay in presentation

New NICE guidance on pancreatic cancer

April 15, 2024
NICE has published guidance aiming to improve care for people with pancreatic cancer by ensuring faster, more accurate diagnosis and staging.

Breast cancer management in primary care

April 15, 2024
Although most women are aware that a lump can be a sign of breast cancer, awareness of other potential signs and symptoms among the public are poor. This article discusses risk factors and presentation of breast cancer in primary care and treatment of early disease.

How can we improve five-year lung cancer survival?

April 15, 2024
Lack of awareness among patients of the signs and symptoms of lung cancer, and when to see their doctor, continues to be a core issue for lung cancer survival. 

Why haven’t we found a cure for cancer?

April 15, 2024
Lauren Nicolle
Cancer will be high on the agenda for many doctors as we move into the next phase of the Covid-19 pandemic. But how much progress has been made in treatment advances in the past few years and are we any closer to the all-important cure?

Bladder cancer: new advances in management

April 15, 2024
Dr Joaquín Casariego
The prognosis for bladder cancer can vary significantly based on the stage and grade of the cancer. In the advanced stages, survival rates can be very poor. This article reviews new advances in bladder cancer that could improve patient outcomes.

Skin cancer: signs and symptoms in older patients

April 15, 2024
Rod Tucker
The greatest risk from long-term overexposure to sunlight is thought to be skin cancer. Given the higher incidence in older patients, it is critical that this demographic is fully informed about the signs and symptoms that possibly indicate malignant changes.

Prescribing antidepressants in pregnant women

April 12, 2024
Recognising and managing depressive disorders in pregnant women presents specific challenges for both the patient and her GP €“ particularly in terms of understanding and communicating the risks and benefits of antidepressant treatment. Here, the authors discuss the sometimes complex issues.

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