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Book review: Endocrinology and Diabetes, 2nd Edition

Dr Harry Brown reviews Endocrinology and Diabetes (second edition), which provides medical students and junior doctors with the key information needed to understand mechanisms of endocrine conditions.

Endocrinology and Diabetes, Lecture Notes

2nd edition (Published June 2023)

By Amir Sam, Karim Meeran and Neil Hill

Published by Wiley Blackwell

ISBN 978-1-118-68224-1

Price £26.99

This is a superb book that in just 282 pages covers two large topics in surprisingly good detail. This book is another excellent addition to the Lecture Note series that I have covered in previous book reviews.

Like the others in the series, this book covers the basics – as suggested by the title – but covers the material very well. That is an impressive feat as these are big topics to cover, but the readers will be attracted to the coverage of the basics. For less common scenarios and for more detail, then other resources will be need to be used.

I would imagine that for medical students and other trainee healthcare professionals, this would be a great introductory undergraduate book. However, for junior doctors and even established doctors such as GPs and hospital consultants, this is a great refresher guide which brings the need-to-know basics back to the forefront of the brain.

Being a new book, it is filled with up to date information. With two of the authors coming from Imperial College London and one from Imperial College Healthcare NHS trust, this book provides a very UK-centric view, which is great for British-based readers. However, I would imagine healthcare professionals around the world will find this book very useful.

Although a slim volume, it manages to cover a large number of topics, allowing readers to consolidate previous learning and bring their knowledge up to date.

Readers could easily read the whole book, or cherry-pick individual chapters if they have a particular area of focus. For example, there is an excellent chapter on the treatment of diabetes (p. 225). This chapter provides a clear model of the management of this common condition, and in 13 pages covers this hugely important topic very thoroughly and concisely. Another short but equally excellent chapter is chapter 10 on Adrenal Incidentalomas (p. 66), which in three pages encapsulates all the clinical issues surrounding this topic.

This book is keenly priced at just £26.99 for a print copy or £24.99 for an electronic copy from the publisher’s website. I personally prefer a paper book at my fingertips but the choice is yours.

This is a quality book that concentrates on the basics and is well worth checking out if you need an overview or a refresher on this subject.

Dr Harry Brown is a retired GP and medical editor of Pavilion Health Today


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